Top Gun Enzyme Non Gmo Products

​​​CALF BULLETS Non- GMO supplement for new borns. A source of direct fed microbials and lactase enzyme bearing material that can aid in the hydrolysis of lactose containing products for use in beef or dairy calves. NO drugs, No Antibiotics, No withdrawl, for animals to be butchered  Administer to milk. Can be purchased in small gel cap.( Gel cap is not considered GMO.)

TOP GUN AT/ EC This product was designed exclusively  for large calf ranches and veal operations as a milk supplement. AT/EC is a blend of high quality proteins. Contains a source of live (viable) microorganisms. 


TOP GUN BIO-TOXX is an all natural, and potent formula with a base of Zeolite. Designed to absorb toxins in newborns that may cause diarrhea and scours. Helps eliminate ammonia and odor that draws flies, spread disease and cause greater stress.

            (NOT A GMO PRODUCT)

TOP GUN VITA-BAC PASTE  A fast acting potent blend of live strain specific yeast, lactic acid producing bacteria with the addition of vitamin A.D.&E. Eight to ten times more show up in the blood stream. All components are safe natural biological products. No medication, No drugs No with holding.

​​​              (NOT A GMO PRODUCT)